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Good Riddance Day

Good Riddance Day

Jimmy Max Restaurant & Bar

280 Watchogue Rd SI, NY 10314



Come Celebrate

2nd Annual “Good Riddance Cuomo” Day

Tuesday August 23rd, 2022

From 2pm – 4pm & 7pm - 9pm

Complimentary open bar, we ask only that you make a donation to Tunnel to Towers, then the drinks are on the house!

Jimmy Max will match donations received up to $5,000 and mail a check on 9/11.

(well drinks, domestic beers and wine)

Consider supporting the good work Jimmy Max does by donating or sharing with others who'd like to help the Tunnel to Towers Organization.

Not able to make the Jimmy Max Fundraiser and would like to Donate to the Tunnel to Towers Organization. Click Donate or use QR code.

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Re: Good Riddance Cuomo Party

Good Riddance Cuomo Party
Re: "Good Riddance Cuomo" Party
So folks I'd like to thank all who came to our "Good Riddance Cuomo" Party whether you contributed in person or online, your generosity totaled $7,610, this is an amount that exceeded my wildest imagination. I converted the cash into a bank check and put it in the mail along with 3 Jimmy Max checks adding up to $7,610 for a grand total of $15,220 Donation to Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Thank you to all of my wonderful, generous and supportive customers. - Jimmy McBratney