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Grandma Pie

Grandma Pizza

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To Better Serve Our Customers the Grandma Pie will not be available Friday after 4 pm

Grandma to go! Square Pizza Pie -
house made mozzarella, California plum tomatoes, freshly ground pecorino Romano, and fresh chopped basil.

Toppings: $3.00 - Sausage l Meatball l Mushrooms l Onions l Cherry Peppers l Ricotta l Fresh Garlic l Fresh Peppers l Extra Cheese

Toppings: $5.00 - Eggplant l Spinach l Broccoli l Artichokes l Anchovies l Ravioli l Fresh Mushrooms l Sundried Tomatoes 

Premium Toppings: $5.50 - Broccoli Rabe l Grilled Chicken l Chicken Cutlet l Ham l Bacon