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Jimmy Max Cheese Pie
Jimmy Max Cheese Pie
Jimmy Max Cheese Bar Pie
Jimmy Max Sausage Cheese Pizza - Bar Pie
Jimmy Max Cheese Pie
Cheese Pie

Cheese Pie

Regular price $13.00 Sale


Bar Pie $7.25 Regular Pie $13.00

Toppings: Bar Pie $1.50/ Regular $2.00 - Sausage l Meatball l Mushrooms l Pepperoni l Onions l Cherry Peppers l Ricotta l Fresh Garlic l Fresh Peppers l Extra Cheese

Premium Toppings $5.00:  Broccoli Rabe l Chicken - Choice of Fried Chicken, Blackened Chicken or Grilled Chicken l Bacon

Bar Pie$3/Regular Pie $3.50 Eggplant l Spinach l Broccoli l Artichokes l Anchovies l Ravioli l Fresh Mushrooms l Sundried Tomatoes

Vodka Sauce - Bar Pie $12.50 Regular $19.00

Vodka Sauce w/ Chicken - Bar Pie $18.50 Regular $24.00

GF - item is Gluten Free       GF* - item can be made gluten free upon request
Purchase a Cheese Pie and Add 1/2 Toppings