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Jimmy Max handling of GF and specific food allergy needs

I am the owner of Jimmy Max and I would like to share some things about the restaurant's handling of GF and specific food allergy needs.
Number 1, we are completely nut free!  Not a peanut or tree nut anywhere on the premises for over 17 years. Our selections are plentiful due to my 17 year old son's severe food allergies which include wheat, eggs, shellfish, all nuts, sesame seeds and chic peas. We understand that when you dine out with a child with allergies, you are literally putting their life in our hands.  If you do choose to dine with us,  please let me know via Facebook messenger and I will outline a few of our more popular gf  options for you to consider and will walk you through menu items that can be easily modified to accommodate your specific needs. My wife Kathleen and I have had two "Epi pen incidents" in our 17 years and both times they were at the hands of a restaurant, (overseas) likely caused by cross contamination by an uninformed or careless staff. Rest assured that my kitchen staff is very informed and very careful in preparing your food.  We've never had an incident in our 17 years of feeding Liam from the Jimmy Max kitchen.  God bless you as you navigate the added worry of feeding an allergic child. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Sincerest regards,
James J. McBratney

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